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    Check out This Arduino-Powered 3D Printed Tea Steeper

    Tea time will never be the same now that a man who goes by the username "istimat" has posted his design for a 3D printed and Arduino-powered Lazy Man's Tea Steeper. Born from a bad tea brewing experience when the tea was over-brewed, leaving a bitter taste, this project to revolutionize the way we make tea was set into motion. The result was a device that waits for you to hang a tea bag on it once it's powered on. It then proceeds to dunk the bag three times, wait three minutes, and then lift the bag to let it drip: a perfect cup of tea every time! Read more and get the design file at

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    I don't see any reason to use 2 servos...

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    Hmm, proper tea does not come in bags. If you like tea in bags then really it doesn't matter what you do with it because whatever you do it tastes like crap.

    Assam, second flush, loose and use a teapot otherwise don't pretend it is tea.

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