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    Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer

    Polaroid, the company best known for their instantly-developing cameras of the past, has entered the 3D printing market with a new plug and play desktop printer called the ModelSmart 250S. The ModelSmart, which is only available to customers in 15 European countries right now, was unveiled at CES 2016 today. Polaroid has also developed proprietary software and filaments in partnership with Environmental Business Products Ltd, and the printer's release is being marked with a contest called "How Polaroid Are You?" Check out more details at

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    Interesting. The few renders and technical details lead me to think it's a dressed up version of the tried and true Replicator style design, similar gantry, build volume and mechanical design. Not a fan of the proprietary software and filament though. I wonder though if this machine is their own design and engineering or if they simply bought the rights to some other machine. Last I had heard, Polaroid was basically rebranding everything they sold.....

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    Polaroid hasn't existed as functioning corporation for years. It now exists strictly as a brand licensor...mainly for Chinese no-name companies looking to sell in international markets. It sure looks like another replicator clone.

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    Nice and colourful. But almost certainly a makerbot clone.

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