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    3D scanner

    Full Body Scanner
    Model# EDR_BC105S
    Field of View 700mmRx2150mm(H)
    Single Surface Accuracy <0.1mm
    Average Sampling Point Distance 0.7mm
    Light Source White Light
    Output Format wrl obj stl
    Image Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixel
    Texture RGB 24 digits
    Photographying Time 3 seconds-5 seconds
    Data Registration Automatic
    Calibration 3D Fiducial Mark
    Weight 720KG
    Dimension 400mm(L)x500mm(W)x2100mm(H)
    Power 4800W
    Power Voltage 220AC
    Recommended Computer Configuration i7/8G Ram/Win7_x64 O.S.
    3-Second finishing scan of the full body in 5 directions, and only 45 seconds to finish the data registration.
    rojection technique non contact frequency conversion fringe
    Projector (1280*800 WXGA; DLP)
    Light intensity ANSI 3500 LM
    Texture 24bit RGB
    The minimum uptake time was 3 Minutes (scanning per 360 degrees)
    Environmental light intensity compensation adjustment
    Point cloud average point spacing 0.5-1mm
    Single scanning accuracy of less than 0.05mm
    Depth of not less than 1200mm
    Shooting range maximum 250mm * 250mm * 100mm * 100mm * 100mm 240mm/ minimum
    Output format STL, WRL, PLY, OBJ and other formats
    Automatic mosaic of data
    A scan integrity of the normal situation of more than 90%
    Calibration method encoding logo point stereo target
    Equipment weight 18.9 kg
    A scan integrity of the normal situation of more than 90%
    Equipment power 220AC/198W
    Connection mode Ethernet (Gigabit Network) connection
    Operating system Windows7 64 Bit


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    3D scanner

    Hello3D scanner is a device that records image data color and light intensity and either directly captures depth data or interpolates it from multiple images of an object at different angles.The latest 3D scanning technologies utilize a camera that combines a laser depth sensor and visible spectrum sensor. Amazingly, this kind of setup is actually available today in retail products such as notebook pc's, tablets, and even smartphones.ISO 9001 Certification in Kuwait | ISO 9001 certification in Iraq

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    sweet - and sweet again

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    Looks pretty nice.

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