Range of Motion Project (ROMP) was started by David Kruda and Eric Neufeld after Kruda did prosthetics volunteer work in Haiti and Ecuador. Kruda decided that maker labs, with the ability to 3D print parts for prosthetic devices, would be the most sensible way to best serve people in the countries of Guatemala and Ecuador. An example of one such patient who has greatly benefited from ROMP's services is a woman who runs marathons, footraces, and climbs large mountains. Backed by medical and academic research partnerships, ROMP hopes to continue to apply 3D printing technology to its mission to "implement low-cost simple technologies that could be permanently set up within a community that is struggling with a high volume of patients and few resources." Read more at 3DPrint.com: http://3dprint.com/112804/romp-ecuador-and-guatemela/