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    3D Printed Child-Proof Cannabis Containers

    As the pot industry grows rapidly, concerns arise as well--and one of the most valid, outside of legal issues, would be that of childproofing. Gone are the days are leaving a bag of pot lying around if you have kids, especially considering the strength of today’s marijuana--and especially medical marijuana and pot edibles, which are said to have a much higher concentration of THC. To make sure the youngsters stay safe, California based Green Technology Solutions, Inc. is collaborating with 6th Dimension Technologies, a company specializing in the 3D printing of custom and specialty items. Currently, they are working to make a ‘lockbox’ design with a mechanism that is too difficult for children to open. The 3D printed prototype is still in the testing phase, but GTSO plans to release their first child-proofing product by early next year. Check out more details in the full article:

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    I completely agree with this post, because I am using CBD oil for pain and it is really effective.

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