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Thread: Another Noob

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    Another Noob

    Hi all
    Did a search for an Introduction thread but kept getting an error message.
    Got myself a printer ordered to build myself some replica film props, I was always an advocate of building props by hand from kit or scratch and when I saw 3d printers being used for props and replica props I saw it as cheating.
    Then the more I saw and the more I looked into the hard work that goes into the modelling it dawned on me that 3D printing wasn't just a tool for the pros but for the fans also, so I've jumped on the band waggon and brought my hobby from the garage into the house.
    I've bought an ally framed HIC prusa i3 270/210/190mm off of eBay 257 posted Then another 60 on supplies to build an enclosure for it.

    I'm sure I'll have many questions for people and spend many a build hour searching for answers hear before I get running.
    So I'll start with the questions now if that's OK?

    What should parts should I replicate,replace and upgrade first? I'll be ordering glass for the bed once the kit arrives and I have the measurements I need.
    Is there anywhere in particular I should be looking for HIC prusa i3 builds/instructions/firmware/answers?
    As I'm printing in the house and using an enclosure is it best to vent via a hose out of a window or will one of the scrubber/NBC filter hacks keep smell/particulates/The wife at bay?
    Is a 40mm fan big enough for venting the enclosure?

    Thanks for having me

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    Hello, Johno

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    Just finished helping another UK Member with his 3DP11. Lets start here at the Hictop web Page, where you can download your assembly instructions and Original firmware.

    Like myself you have made the leap into the world of 3D Printing. When I made the leap started by watch a you-tube video of the printer assembly.
    I find that seeing rather than reading helps me to visualize the process better. What!!!! I started by watching all Hictop videos wanted to be prepared.

    Most of us have upgraded from the original firmware for one reason or another, to the latest stable version of Marlin.
    As I purchased the same 3D Printer. I upgraded because wanted automatic bed leveling and made the firmware upgrade.

    Most likely you will soon realize that the auto bed leveling is the best. Though the newer software have a manual bed leveling process it is slow.
    Post your questions, the forum will be here to help answer your questions, as we are always learning this new innovative industry.

    I am using a bathroom exhaust fan with a 65mm gas mask carbon filter in the exhaust port in my enclosure, or will be when I finish it.
    Connect thru a Light dimmer switch to have a speed control for the fan.

    Didn't believe it was really necessary but you know to please the other half by removing the odors.
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    this full review about hictop prusa i3 this printer considered as best on the market

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