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    3D Printed Wedding Invites

    This is certainly a unique approach to wedding invitations. How about 3D printed personalized invites for your guests? Well this is just what Twinsburg Ohio resident Christy Townsend is creating. She offers customized invites that she 3D prints from home.

    "I was always in the creative field and then once this idea popped in my head, I wanted to do everything in my power to make it happen and honestly wouldn't have without the support of Clark," Townsend said Feb. 12. "Ever since I planned [our] wedding back in 2011 ... I had such an absolute blast doing everything. It wasn't until then that something kind of triggered for me that I could actually be a part of that detail for brides and for their wedding day."
    I couldn't find a price for these anywhere but I imagine them are a heck of a lot more expensive than regular 2d printed invitation.

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    Cool idea!

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    Wow, Look really good

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    now thats cool

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    you're probably looking at least a couple of hours printing per invite. So yes, they would be pretty expensive.

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    Seriously, i like the 3D Printed Wedding Invites.
    New concept, idea and innovation.

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    Wow! This is an amasing idea!

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