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    Using 3D printing to Make an Embossed Leather Book Cover

    Have you ever considered how books are put together, or how those beautiful--and often ornamental--covers on hardback books are created? If you are a fan of design, 3D printing, and old-fashioned books, this may be a project you would enjoy greatly, putting together and old and new technologies--ancient ones, in fact,--to make an embossed book cover. Luc Volders of the Netherlands, an accountant by day and technogeek in his free time, leads you through his latest, and quite easy, project which involves picking out a design, 3D printing it, and pressing it for the final product. Read more at

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    Ah now i do have use for embossing leather, will read with interest :-)

    Not terribly useful and I only have real leather :-)

    But a nice looking result regardless.
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    Hi, I never thought about it, but it is really interesting to know how it works!

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