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    hello:) to everyone.. new here.. need your advice with buying 3d printer

    hello to everyone
    i am plan to buy my first 3D printer, after a lot of searching for diy kit and with budget of 500$ i found couple 3d printer that look good for me, i plan to use mostly ABS for my 3D printed, plan to print part for my hobby (RC drones and plans) and for my second job (i am photographer with drones).
    i need your Professional opinion,i found this 3 3d printer that looks good for me: (the most important for me is hardware and plan to print with ABS)
    1. Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer (468$)

    2.Electron Mix G3 - Portable 3D Printer Kit (269$ with auto leveling)

    3.Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version 2.0 (400$)

    this is the 3, tell me what you think and Which to buy. tnx alot

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    I'd say go for Wanahao i3. The printer has great quality prints, it's not noisy, and they have a great customer support. Stay away from Geetech, they have great printers but so far according to reviews they have horrible customer support. Haven't tried your second option, though.

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    If you read in this forum, you'll find that geetech buyers weren't so happy with aftersales.

    I wouldn't buy anything labelled "portable" printer.

    Of the 3, the wanhao seems like the best bet.

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    1) I have also read the Geetech reviews. I would stay away.

    2) Unsupported z rods!! Steer clear of this one!

    3) The big name of the 3. Go with this one. Looks good too (if that matters)

    FWIW printing ABS with an open printer is not a good idea. Stick with PLA.

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    I'm the third person to tell you to be careful with Geetech, apart from that I'd also go with the Wanhao i3. Apart from the reasons already mentioned, it can also use more filaments than the other printers and is considered one of the best budget printers on the market. However, the Craftbot also falls under this category. If you decide to expand your options though, feel free to look at this guide for buying the best suited 3D printer for you.

    Hope this helps with your decision!

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    Learn to drive and read reviews before you buy a car.

    Get 3D printing experience at a makerspace and read reviews before buying a printer.

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