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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to try B3D's 500C thermistor with the thermotable in their support pages as an alternative. I'm not back in the office to play with the hardware until the New Year, so hopefully it will get delivered by then.


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    Good day, im new here, looking for answer on internet about my issue i found this and I have the same trouble, my temperature sensor reading dont get more than 395-400, im trying to get 420 using ad497 from e3d, the first time I thought was the simplify3D but then change to repetier and the same result, then i try with adafruit MAX31855 and with the demo from adafruit works great i can read more than 700 celsius, but I dont know how to wired and installed on marlin, or where to change to my own pins, or i dont know if is some kind of limit in marlin firmware, is there anyone has solved this?, can help me please.

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