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    Thanks John, I'm going to try it this weekend. I will post a picture if it comes out ok lol.

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    Thanks for the stl link!

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    Here is a good example I just saw on Thingiverse

    As you can see, it's a real chain.

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    Well, it also depends on whether you are using a home desktop plastic extrusion type printer or a big expensive selective laser sintering printer (SLS). A home printer has to have more space between the parts to prevent them from fusing together.

    For example, on the high end SLS printers that use a nylon powder, you can have very intricate moving parts and fully working chains, gear systems, rotating tires, etc. etc. with only 0.5mm between pieces required for them to not fuse together. Yes, that's HALF of a millimeter of clearance is all that's needed, so tiny intricate fully moving creations are possible, as well as elaborate puzzle boxes and intricate chainmail are even possible. And there is no assembly required. The item is just removed from the powder, cleaned, and then all the moving parts will be freely moving right out of the printer!

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    Cool Awesome in-place printed Belt

    I cant post a link but it's thing:3270948 on thingiverse

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    Print in place is a technique of providing sufficient clearance for the printer not to bond to previous or neighboring layers.
    Chains and chain-like objects are all over Thingiverse. Were you looking for something specific or just curious about PIP (print in place) "technology"?
    Personally I like the Thingiverse "Fish Fossilz" for getting the idea across to people by making them gifts. Very simple print of an articulating PIP widget.

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