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    3D Printed Hand Helps This Little Boy Ride Bikes Again

    A little boy in China has regained a part of his life that has been lost for years. When the five-year-old had a terrifying accident falling into a fire pit, he burned over half of his body and due to traumatic injuries, his hand was eliminated. After quite some time, his parents received a call from the Wuhan Third Hospital burn rehabilitation center saying that he had qualified to receive a 3D printed hand prosthetic. They took their son to the medical center where he was fitted with the new hand, and he is already riding a bike again. Read more at

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    It's depressing that he has to "qualify" for anything. Anyone that needs one should have one, if it is missing then surely that is qualification enough. There must be a thousand times more 3d printers than there are people needing hands.

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