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    I need a good coating for all-around use. High-build polyurethane?

    I have searched the forum, and didn't find too many recommendations besides XTC-3D.

    Polyurethane seems like the best thing for me. However, the regular stuff is too thin. After 2 coats, it did not really fill in the crevices. It seems to reduce as it dries and also scratches off.

    I asked at the hardware store about a thicker polyurethane and was told to get High-build. It only seems to be available in $35 cans, so I wanted some opinions.

    I do not like the idea of an epoxy coating that has to be brushed on.
    Here are the uses I want it for:

    • Can be applied by dipping. Doesn't need to be brushed on. This is so I can coat interior spaces like tubes or bottles.
    • fills in layer crevices, preferably with one coat.
    • waterproofs surface
    • food safe

    If anyone knows about some good products that I haven't mentioned, please post them. Also please post any knowledge you have about high-build polyurethane.
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    Check out Alumilite Crystal Clear Casting resin, and the Masterbond epoxies.

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