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    Awesome 3D Printed Leg For a Cat

    One lucky Scottish kitty is still alive after surviving both being hit by a car and a mauling by a dog--all within six weeks. Still less than a year old, the cat who is owned by an art student at the Glasgow School of Art--a design innovation researcher to be exact--is now the lucky recipient of a 3D printed orthotic. Hoping to save the pet’s leg rather and prevent amputation, Fergus Pegg designed the orthotic with the blessing of a veterinarian to protect and offer comfort to the leg as it hopefully, heals. If amputation turns out to be the only solution, Pegg does have a design for a 3D printed prosthetic ready. Read more at

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    As for my this idea is excellent You have done really useful thing for cats and for cat's owners!

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    thing i ever seen

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    NICE :-)

    Kinds regards

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    Anyone else find it amusing that the person printing peg legs for cats is named "Pegg"?

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    Amazing idea of printing a cat leg.
    This looks perfect.


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    wow, That's cool.

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    It's really very nice thing done. Good work. Really Well Done!

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