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    Best and worst 10 Companies that sell 3d Printers?

    I am new to this world and soon will buy a 3d printer, for me the most important thing on a device is that support is outsanding via email, chat or phone, and that there is also a huge community willing to help when direct support is not needed.

    With that in mind which 5/10 companies should I consider to buy from, and which ones should I not even check?

    For me support in english or spanish is essential, I see some printers are done in China and have poor English instructions.!

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    I own a printrbot and it ticks your boxes. See here :

    If you're worried about the quality of the manual, you can fin it here :

    I'll take a guess and suppose you mean FDM printers only. From what I see I think that other builders are also meeting your criteria, their owners will comment :
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    Hyrel is the perfect printer for some people, and a complete waste of money for others. It depends on you and your needs.

    I'm happy to walk you through use of the printer via skype and teamviewer if you like, so that you can decide if it's right for you. PM me if interested.

    More info at

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    actually the Lulzbot is one of the best brands i can think of , they have compassion of feedback in all of there feedback , certified open sourced ( software ,hardware ) , and a 30 day money back guarantee and that is one you just can't beat, also the Lulzbot is the most loving and kindness and glow brilliantly even in the darkest times ,

    they show the compassion , it's honestly priceless, and that merit sees the same value as you would sponsoring the future over the Canadian seas , and again you can legally modify the 3d printer to your needs

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    I would love to hear from anyone who has owned both a Lulzbot and Ultimaker for several years, so we can compare.

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