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    Dota 2 Blink Dagger Keychain

    Dota 2 Blink Dagger Keychain

    Comes with a Key Ring and a phone strap
    This is my version of the Blink Dagger a key chain size
    so you can carry around and show it off to your friends!

    List Date: 10/15/2013

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Dota 2 Blink Dagger Keychain
    On Sale For: $7.00

    Mobile friendly version: Dota 2 Blink Dagger Keychain

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    Hi. I play Dota 2 for some weeks and I am very impressed because it is an amazing game. All I want is to be capable one day to play an international game of Dota 2 because I know that namely there people earn a lot of money, so now I am playing for learning on
    Personally, I use it and it gives many opportunities like: While your account is at work, you can chat with your booster. Besides this, you can monitor the progress of your boost from your personal account, including detailed statistics of past matches.
    How is your experience in Dota2?
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