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    The TSA Has Been Compromised Thanks to 3D Printing

    Thanks to the Washington Post, high quality pictures of TSA approved master-keyed locks made their way onto the internet and were quickly turned into 3D printable copies. TSA guidelines forbid the use of any luggage lock that does not have a TSA approved master-key and will remove any non-approved locks. So essentially every piece of luggage travelling in the country is now vulnerable to anyone with a 3D printer and access to luggage. You can read more about the security flaw over on More details on this story here:

    Below is a picture of the various 3D printed master-keys from the TSA:

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    Hmm, I had a different meaning for "the land of the free", seems I was wrong in my understanding.

    I am a bit gobsmacked that the powers dictate what sort of lock you can and cannot use. I have never had a problem even in the US travelling with combination padlocks on luggage.

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    that's a very very bad thing.
    It's bad enough that customs can go through your luggage whenever they like. After all it's already been: sniffed, dropped, scanned and kicked.

    But now every part time baggage handler will be able to open the cases as well - oh yeah that'll really help international tourism.

    And it's not as simple as carrying evrything you value in your carry on bag.
    A lot of stuff I value, and have on my person all the time (when not on an aeroplane) can't be carried on aeroplanes so has to go in the hold luggage.

    Fortunately it is ONLY america who has the 'staff must be able to steal stuff from your luggage' rule. The rest of the world is a lot more sensible.

    That said - LIKE going on holiday to the states. Can't afford it at the moment, but hey that'll give them time to change the locks and keys :-)
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    Air travel security procedures in the US have been a fustercluck since 9/11.

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    not just the us.

    You can't take a pair of nail scissors through customs. But once into the duty free zone you can buy glass bottles full of flammable liquids - hell it's practically compulsory, razors, cigarette lighters - you know all the stuff you can't take through security.

    At no point has logic ever been applied to airport security.

    Go first class and they will give you sharp metal knives and glass bottles. 'cos first class passengers could never be hijackers.

    If I ever stopped laughing I'd probably have to cry.

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