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    MIT's New Fab Forms Software

    While 3D printing is becoming ever more accepted, it still is not fully "mainstream" technology yet--and a large part of that can be drawn back to CAD software, which is not necessarily easy for novices to pick up on. Researchers at MIT worked in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel to develop "Fab Forms," a cloud-based software solution that can help amateurs get on board with software design technologies. Fab Forms uses designs created by experienced CAD designers in a form where novice users can manipulate the designs via a virtual slider system to create fully 3D printable forms. Read more about the development process at

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    what is it with these people and cloud software ?

    It's slow, usually temperamental with different browsers and totally useless if your internet connection is down.

    Other than that it's still a weird idea.
    Yes the ability to easily modify models is useful.
    But it looks like you can only modify models they give you - which is a bit pointless.

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