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    Barnacules 3D Prints an Entire Stormtrooper Suit

    Some fans are ready for the December 18th release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and YouTuber Barnacules (Jerry Berg) is certainly among them thanks to 3D printing and some designers at MyMiniFactory. Over the last few months, Barnacules has documented the process of fabricating an entire Stormtrooper suit from Star Wars Episode VII, and it will be unveiled at PAX Prime this week in Seattle. MyMiniFactory designers including Lloyd Roberts, Francesco Orrù, Ricardo Salomao, and Kirby Downey have worked on the suit, and designs for the Stormtrooper helmet (designed by Roberts with help from Salomao) and the TFA blasater (designed by Downey) have been released on MyMiniFactory. Read more about the ambitious and impressive project at

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    Aside from the Michelin man effect in the chest area that is a really odd picture.

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    Check out the Stormtrooper suit at CES! But, honestly, I'm more impressed with the motorcycle...

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    I like Barnacules channel. Gotta hand it to him for going all out.

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    Yes I love the channel too. I wish he would cover more 3D printed related material. The NASA wrench is a particularly good episode.

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