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    Paid Research Study for Students involved in 3D Printing and Modeling

    We are currently recruiting for an upcoming research study that will be conducted via 45 minute video conference sessions between 1-5pm on 1-5pm on Aug 14, 18 and Aug 18.

    We are looking to speak with:

    • Students who are using 3D software programs or 3D printing
    • Students who know how to do basic 3D modeling
    • Prospective students of the above

    You will engage in a guided discussion about how you create and consume content on the multiple devices you own. We're offering $50 via paypal to each participant at the end of the interview.

    If you meet the criteria listed above and are interested, please complete this short questionnaire:

    Qualified candidates will then be contacted with study specifics.

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    it is a really great inspiration

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    I think students should take the paid research classes..

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    I think it's a great idea. I'm currently enrolled in a Bachelor's program in architecture and we have some 3D classes. I need to write a research paper for this page on how 3D is being used in architecture. I was hoping someone here can help me with some useful information.
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    hi! you can use the help of

    I found their work really useful. They can give you the various of additional sources

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