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    Afinia Reveals ES360 3D Scanner

    3D printer manufacturers Afinia have just announced their new turntable style desktop 3D scanner called the ES360. Their new scanner is capable of capturing 215mm x 215mm x 200mm sized objects with an accuracy of ≤0.1mm within only three minutes. Afinia has not announced the price at this time, however they promise that it will be a low cost and affordable device. You can read more about the scanner at see its specs here:

    The company seems to be really revving up their engine as of late. Below you will find a picture showing some of their more recent products including their new 3D scanner.

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    So Afinia is rebadging the Shine3d unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fritts View Post
    So Afinia is rebadging the Shine3d unit?
    That is their business model... as all their printers are just rebranded printers from China... mostly from UP.

    Also, I talked with them recently at a show and they said the price will be much higher, at about $1500.


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    Afinia, UP, PPP3D are the same company, just operated under different names.

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