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    New Japanese Site Lets you Create 3D Printable Models From Videos

    A new company in Japan has launched a website called 3D Print Model Generator which provides users with animations of various characters, allowing them to freeze the video whenever they want and then download a 3D printable model of that character at that given moment. The characters move and dance around the screen allowing you to get a model of them in hundreds (perhaps thousands) of different poses. It's a really good idea. I just think they need to add more characters and videos to their library. Currently there are just 5 but the founder of the site says they will be adding more soon.

    Read and see more at:

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    That was pretty cool. I wish I were able to upload my own model's to do that. I wonder what the process is to make something like this for my own model's. Have not gotten into much animation as of yet, but it's looking like a pretty good time to start!

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    This is a cool feature from that Japanese company. I wonder how did they that. Did they have a 3d scanner and then capture a screenshot and convert it to a 3d model until it's printed? I would love to know more about this.

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