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    Anki OVERDRIVE System -- 3D Printed City Created for Demonstration

    Design studio Guild has teamed up with Anki, which makes an intuitive robotic car system, to unveil the Anki OVERDRIVE System, which will become available September 20, 2015. OVERDRIVE is a system of real robot battle racing, including many different AI-controlled cars to choose from, tracks to battle on, and even an iOS/Android app to play on. To showcase it, Guild put together a tradeshow experience based on a futuristic city for the system. 3D printed plates and buildings were made for the city set, designed using Rhino and printed on MakerBot 3D printers. Read more about the project at

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    Awesome futuristic city scape! Anyone know of the 3D print files are available? Would love to use for a project I'm doing.

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