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    3D Printed Mini Cooper Launched into Space

    3D printing and automotive applications are coming together more often, particularly for new launches--and no one has taken this more literally than car manufacturer MINI, which in December had a launch of "Galactic Proportion." In heralding the launch of their new MINI Cooper 5-door hatch, they teamed up with Gloo@Ogilvy with a video campaign. On December 17, 2014, MINI released a video of what was actually a 3D printed mini version of the new MINI to celebrate the increase of space inside the new vehicle. Read more about the launch and watch the video--which racked up 212,000 views on YouTube--here:

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    hi, is it possible to get hold of the print files of the bmw mini that is featured please

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    very old post and files weren't released to the public - so probably not possible to get the files.

    Might be something similiar on thingiverse.

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    wow you are good.

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    I am glad, I have found this website. I came here to gather more information about 3D printer.

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