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    Carbon Fiber Printing Robot

    Basia Dżaman, a student at the School of Form in Poznań, Poland, created an incredible graduation project that certainly shows her prowess with technology, bringing together traditional "snutki" handcrafting and modern carbon fiber techniques with a KUKA robot. Dżaman created 3D printed pieces that adapt the KUKA into a printing/weaving machine that extrudes resin-coated carbon fiber in the snutki stitch pattern. This might just be a start, though, as the carbon fiber becomes very hard and stiff as the resin hardens, showing her system's potential for companies and individuals interested in producing lightweight, custom, carbon fiber parts. By using thinner strands of carbon fiber, or even fiberglass, Dżaman's robot could certainly be the carbon fiber 3D printer of the future. Read more about the process in the full article:

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    Is there a thingiverse or such for 3d printing the module?

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    no - 5 year old post and a graduates project.

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