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    You Can Now 3D Printer Your Own Marijuana Hydroponics System

    Many of you have undoubtedly heard of 3Dpoinic, a company which as burst onto the scenes with their open source 3D printable hydroponics system. Now the company has unveiled their new Medical Marijuana hydroponic system which is also free to download, and makes the cultivation of cannabis a much easier process. Read and see more on this at:

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    great...that's all we easier way for everyone to be high all the time...

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    True @hobbes ...
    This is very easy way to fulfill the increasing demand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnabell87 View Post
    Oh man, it has actually been awhile, since 2015, already 5 years. Yet, i haven't seen anywhere this kind of weed, i mean, still everyone has a drug dealer that gets them weed from a certain plantation, or from different coffee shops, an so on. This concept was actually a thing of future, a thing we still expect, but i still do not think it will be as good as some proper marijuana, or even compared to the one from cerain dispensaries like medical marijuana dispensary in deerfield. I got there due to my anxiety and some psychological problems .Still waiting for it, for the Medical Marijuana hydroponic system, expectations are high, just like we will be after trying it.
    Hm, sound interesting you know, as i see you got some idea. Let's have a talk, in dm

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