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    thanks for uploading the files! now i just hope my printer is big enough.
    I think the tallest part is about 3 1/4 inches, and the largest by area is the base, which is about 3" X 4 1/4". All the parts were designed to print without support material. The cylinder, valves and piston rod are designed to print vertically, all the rest will print horizontally. I have a 8" X 12" bed (Airwolf XL), so I can print the entire engine in one pass, but regardless of size, you should be able to print this. My son has a simple XYZ Jr and it will print on his machine.

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    However you want to call it, this is a nice achievement. Too bad the unit system used is antiquated ;-)

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    Did you use acetone smoothing or did you sand/ file the parts to fit?

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