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    Local Motors 3D Prints 2 Mules With NinjaFlex Bumpers and Seats

    Arizona-based Local Motors, which rolled the Strati 3D printed car off the line just last year, has been working to improve and widen their offerings, including an expansion in materials as well as models. Local Motors set themselves a deadline of the 4th of July to create two mule-like vehicles for their DDM University, with completely reimagined body structures--and the use of more NinjaFlex material from Fenner Drives. The front and rear bumpers, as well as the seats, were printed with the flexible material. Check out more details about the latest from Local Motors in the full article:

    Below is a photo of one of the mule-like cars:

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    Local Motors, the developers of the first 3D printed car, has teamed up with Arizona State University for a joint program to study and develop advanced 3D printing materials. The student team will work closely with Local Motors and be given access to their large scale 3D printers. The goal is to develop a series of test structures and testing systems to help increase the inter-laminar strength of various 3D-printed automotive parts. You can read more about the partnership over on here:

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