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    MakerBot's Incredible 3D Printed Blance Bike - Print From Home

    MakerBot's desktop 3D printers are some of the most popular appearing in households--and to show their use in creating functional products, MakerBot Europe's Director of Productg Management, Manuel Leute, has designed a fully 3D printable Balance Bike, available now for free download at Thingiverse. The bike is comprised of 26 pieces, which print in about 120 hours, and must be sanded and fitted together upon completion. The Balance Bike is functional and will hold a person. Read more about its production here:

    Below is a look at MakerBot's Balance Bike:

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    PLA? I don't think you'd want to leave it outside on a hot, sunny day.

    What's the point of 3D printing this? There are better materials to use to make such a relatively simple thing; cheaper, and less time consuming.

    A waste of plastic, IMO.

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    Hmmm,I love the aesthetics, however, I don't appreciate all the design. I don't think it safe enough for a kid, there are some sharp corners that may hurt kid especially when they are trying to learn balance. This balance bike is only designed for someone who is above 3 years old.

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    But thanks for sharing.

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    Pretty cool, but I must agree that making this on a desktop printer is not the best way to do it, especially if you must post-process the pieces before they fit.

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