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    3D Printed Cover Girls Are Here Thanks to Heavy Metal Magazine

    Freelance sculptor Alterton Bizarre has been creating collectible sculptures for over a decade now. Familiar with traditional sculpting techniques, he has created sculpts for such brands as Marvel Comics and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as being a digital artist for The Walking Dead and other brands. A few years ago, he noticed the impact 3D printing was having on the design world and got into 3D design. Recently, Hollywood Collectibles Group approached him to help design 1:4 scale models for the "Heavy Metal Magazine Cover Girls line." Alterton designed the figures using ZBrush then had a company called Ownage 3D print them for him. The final pieces were cast from these molds, then painted by paint-masters Jeff Camp and Fred DiSantos. Check out details on the process behind these sexy figures in the full article:

    Below is a photo of one of the Heavy Metal Magazine Cover Girls:

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    Is it really necessary to post NSFW stuff to Google +. I tend to keep up with 3D printing news at work and few of your posts are highly inappropriate for viewing there.

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