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    Micron3DP's Glass Printer

    Israeli startup Micron3DP has just announced a new method of 3D printing with molten glass. The process works by heating the glass, sometimes as high as 1640 degrees C before using an extrusion method similar to how we all print thermoplastics. The company is currently seeking investment capital to further perfect their method of printing and believes that there are numerous applications for such a process within dozens of industries from art to aerospace to technology. More information on this process can be found here:

    Below are some samples of their 3D Printed glass objects. What do you think?

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    That resolution tho....

    But that is great new's. It looks like a good start into what could eventually become something awesome. Totally would have to get me one of these. Wonder how "home friendly" they would be.

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    Plus sand is very very cheap.

    Definitely has potential.

    But my favourite glass 3d printer is still the solar powered sintering one.

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