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    Ford 3D Store Launches - Download And Print Actual Ford Model Vehicles

    Today Ford has announce the launching of the Ford 3D Store, where they are making scaled replicas of their famed vehicles available for purchase. These vehicles are 3D printed in plastic and are priced at $39. However, people with access to their own 3D printers can purchase the design files themselves for just $4.99. This allows them to scale the vehicles to whatever size they'd like and then 3D print them on their own printers or using another 3d printing service. Read and see more at:

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    Just as a heads-up for anyone who wants to download and print these yourself - there is an "approval" period...apparently Ford (or someone on their behalf) has to approve your order based on your intended use of the model before you can download it. See transcript below from Turbosquid support:

    MichalT: [6:41:27 AM] Welcome to TurboSquid's live chat. How may I help you?

    Dershum: [6:41:27 AM] I ordered one of the highly-touted Ford 3D model .STL files last night, and I'm still waiting for it...whats the scoop?

    MichalT: [6:41:31 AM] Hello!
    [6:42:16 AM] TurboSquid has a new partnership with Ford. Previously, Ford content was only available for Editorial Use in news reporting. The partnership has allowed customers to enjoy the benefit of uses outside of Editorial Use. However, your usage must first be approved.

    Your current Ford order is pending that approval. If your usage is not approved, we will issue a refund for you. Please keep in mind that our licensing team may request additional information about your usage. After that, the approval process usually takes about one business day. If your deadline prohibits you from waiting for the approval process, we will be happy to issue a refund.

    MichalT: [6:48:18 AM] We understand this might be inconvenience for you but these are the conditions that Ford Motor Company require us to followDershum: [6:48:49 AM] That's really weird - and not very evident until after you place the order

    [6:49:07 AM] How long does this "approval" process take?

    MichalT: [6:50:49 AM] In the upper right corner of the model page, you can see the terms of Ford official licensed product

    [6:51:19 AM] the approval process usually takes about one business day. We will notify you as soon as we have received approval.

    Dershum: [6:51:31 AM] Ok, I guess I'll wait then.

    MichalT: [6:52:15 AM] Is there anything else I can do for you?
    Dershum: [6:54:17 AM] Not really - I would really like to actually talk to someone on the Ford side of things to try and express that this content is largely targeted at consumers - hobbyists who are interested in home-printing models for their own use, and having an approval waiting period for something that is largely targeted at hobbyists is just going to frustrate people.
    MichalT: [6:57:35 AM] Can I have your username please? I will create a support ticket for you and make sure that someone contact you about this.
    Dershum: [6:58:44 AM] Sure
    [6:58:56 AM] my username is Dershum, and my personal email is

    MichalT: [6:59:20 AM] Thank you!
    Dershum: [7:00:03 AM] Thanks much then!

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