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    $60 K'Nex / Lego SLA 3D Printer

    Instructables member mastermind has created what really seems like a pretty simple--and affordable--deal with the Chimera SLA DLP 3D printer that you should be able to assemble for a total of $60. If you take the super thrifty route, you might even be able to lower that figure, as mastermind did significantly. This crafty maker leads us through choosing and modifying projector and frame options as well as downloading the firmware and software, as well as calibrating and setting up a trial run. Read about this impressively affordable DIY DLP printer in the full story:

    Below is a photo of the Chimera 3D printer:

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    Oh look, another misleading article about how you too can build a cheap and functional 3d printer. As long as you have a bunch of gift cards laying around along with some specialty components that most people are unlikely to have.

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