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    Preheating printer?

    There are some preheating configurations on the controller, but I'm not seeing any way to utilize them. It would be nice to use a preheat feature as I come close to starting a print, particularly with ABS. Is this possible?

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    Hi Tinker,

    There are some menu items we disabled, including some prepare > preheat PLA and preheat ABS options. Are these the ones you mean? They caused some confusion on how to start a print among our early customers, and since the .fff profiles automatically set the temperatures in the print gcode, they're somewhat redundant. Couple of options if you want to pre-heat the printer before beginning the print:
    1. Use the Control > Temperature menu to manually set the bed and print head temperatures
    2. Send us an email at and we can help re-enable the preheat options

    Hope this helps!

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