Enrico Dini, the founder of D-Shape, is a man of true vision as he has developed large-scale 3D printers that bring together in-situ materials with binding agents in order to 3D print full buildings and other large structures. Luisa Vittadello, who recently graduated from the University IUAV in Venice, Italy with her Master's degree complete with a thesis focusing on 3D printing in architecture, worked as an intern for Dini over the winter, and was able to collaborate to come up with some truly impressive concepts. She designed houses, including the "Perth House," that utilize D-Shape's 3D printers to create structural blocks that would be machine-assembled in Australia--and beyond. The designs are environmentally friendly as well as impressively low cost. Read about her conceptual designs in the full story: http://3dprint.com/64469/3d-printed-...ngs-australia/
Below is a look at Vittadello's "Dune" house concept: