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    Check out this 3D Printed Hand Crank Fan - Printed in One Piece!

    Designer Rob Drummond has come up with a creative solution to an age-old problem: being too hot! Impressively, the designer's user-powered 3D printed fan features multiple moving parts and is printed in just one piece. Created more as a proof of concept for himself as he expanded his experience with SLS 3D printing techniques, the one-piece fan certainly does the job. Drummond's hand-crank fan sees the blades rotate nine times for each crank, limiting the effort on the user's part. He had it 3D printed using an SLS 3D printer by Oceanz. Check out details on this fan in the full article:
    Below is a photo of Drummond's 3D printed hand-crank fan:

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    Yeah shows just what you can do with an sls setup.
    Now if he'd designed this to print in one go on a fff - I'd be properly impressed :-)

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