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    New e-NABLE Created Using Different Rubber Bands and Combinign 3 Designs

    e-NABLE is adding a new item to their repertoire with a 3D printed prosthetic that takes the best of two previous designs, the 3D printed Raptor Reloaded and the Falcon V1, and combines them into a new version with extra improvements to aesthetics and the grip. Designer and volunteer Jason Bryant, a student at Shandong University in China, researched the bands used to design the two prosthetics and made a switch-up, using the rubber band design for the Falcon V1 on the Raptor Reloaded, and then refining further until he came up with the Orthotic Rubber Band Hand. Read more about the new design in the full article:

    Below is a look at the band version of the e-NABLE hand compared with previous:

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    This is a fascinating improvement with the elastic bands. For anyone who has previously threaded nylon through the small channels in a prosthetic hand, this sounds like a welcome (and quite functional) improvement. Do you know if the STL files for the new hand have been posted to eNABLE or another model repository? I was not able to find the link or model on my quick search.

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    Actually this method is older than the e-nable/robohand elastic cord method.
    Is the earliest 3d printed hand I saw with this method. I used it in my kickstarter hand.
    That file was uploaded in 2014 but the earlier prototypes are over a year older.
    I'd been meaning to combine the two since I made a major change to the very original robohand back in

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