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    Received some filament and printed lots of parts in addition to previously printed parts so that the Dollo rebuild can continue. Some of the extensios were quite brittle and I had to scrap them. I think the reason is the printer I printed them with, a Tronxy X5S with E3D lite v6 clone that has quite powerfule part cooling fan. I'm running the cooler at ~30% for PLA at the moment. @ 100% the hot end heater can't keep the hot end heated and filament just doen't stick to previous layer. Probably need to lower the speed bit more...
    2019-02-09 16.44.54.jpg

    Got the frame built during weekend. Ran out of long ties and bow ties, so printing them now so I can get the bed carriage assembled. The frame is actually quite rigid, at least compared to previous builds; the extra stiff versions of the corner parts seem to help. Also probably going to use 8mm metal rods on the beams that hold the rails.
    2019-02-10 20.37.19.jpg 2019-02-10 20.37.31.jpg

    Updated the rail holder parts a bit, now the slider is threaded and it is fixed to holder with two nuts that also center it. I'm reusing the 520mm rails from the old build so the sliders are bit larger than usual, just for this build:
    2019-02-10 20.40.37.jpg 2019-02-10 20.40.58-1.jpg

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    Installed the z-rails, sliders and bed carriage. Carriage moves about somewhat sluggishly but the slides take bit time to wear in, after that they work fine:

    2019-02-13 21.01.26.jpg 2019-02-13 21.31.19.jpg 2019-02-13 21.47.05-1.jpg2019-02-13 21.47.09.jpg

    Started printing the X and Y rails. The old ones are ok, but too short and not quite the lastes versions so it would be too much hassle to print pieces that match them so I'm reprinting them all.

    For electronics I'm going to go with MKS Sbase for now. Installed Smoothieware yesterday and did basic config, but of course cannot validate it yet since the printer isn't assembled yet. But TFT works and motor turns.

    On wiring side I have plans for some custom connectors that I'd like to use to make the wiring cleaner and modular. I did something similar on my Tronxy X5S where all hot-end wiring is terminated near the hot-end, so swapping hot-ends is lot less hassle because all wires have connectors near the hot-end. Currently swapping Volcano end E3D6 on that printer as needed, so I'll be trying to build on that idea.

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