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    can the apple watch have cad potential

    I wanted to ask if the apple watch is really a good idea to run stl files in regards to software capablity because if not i can stick with my iphone. The reason i was wondering is because of the size it would have to be a very efficient chip in particular the apple sport-watch in the larger size.

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    I suspect the short answer is: No, hell no and 'you must be joking'. :-)

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    I even hate looking at files on my phone. Aside from being able to quickly show people your designs, I can't see a use for a small screen CAD. The lack of a pointing device guarantees poor accuracy while editing.

    I might be wrong here, but I was under the impression that the watch loses most of it's functionality if it is not slaved to an iPhone. So If you have a phone or tablet to start with, why use a watch to CAD?

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