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    Liquidity Nanotech's 3D Printed Filters

    At Disrupt NY 2015, Liquidity Nanotech is launching the Naked Filter, an impressive water filtration system that promises to widen the availability of clean water. The Naked water bottle appears similar to others on the market, but it features an incredibly fine level of filtration in order to remove contaminants from drinking water. The filter is created using a process called electro-spinning 3D printing technology. Read more about the technology and the Naked Filter in the full story:

    Below is a photo of the Naked Filter water bottle:

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    What could be the possible cost of such a filter?

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    I don't like the quality of our water. I heard that this can be fixed. Anyone have any experience like this?

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    Recently, I installed a multi-disc dehydrator with a screw press in my production, which is used for mechanical dewatering of sludge formed in industrial and urban wastewater treatment plants. The company helped me a lot. As the most efficient dewatering method, it requires minimal personnel and lowers operating costs.

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