Aiman Akhtar, a freelance 3D artist who writes a monthly 3D printing column for 3D World Magazine, recently tasked himself with the challenge of creating a functional 3D printed rubber band raygun, inspired by handmade wooden rubber band guns he saw at a flea market. After designing his piece using Photoshop, ZBrush, and MODO to get the STL files together, Akhtar had 21 design files to be 3D printed, using an elaborate color scheme. He turned to 3D Hubs for the printing, finding great service from a small business called Cybertech and their print lead, Israel Pena, who printed the pieces using a MakerBot 5th generation 3D printer. Following some tweaking, the final gun can shoot up to 7 rubber bands rapidly, and the entire tutorial is available in 3D World Magazine. Check out more of a look in the full article at

Below is a photo of Akhtar's 3D printed rubber band raygun: