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    3D Printed Silverware

    This is the kind of thing that 3D printing is allowing to happen. Whatever is in the mind of an artist can materialize right before us. Check out this 3D printed silverware. So awesome in my opinion. Just imagine, in a few years time when metal printers are cheaper, we all could be printing out our own utensils in a style that comes from our heads!

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    Holy cow, they are awesome. What is that lafter item on the right though? It looks like a spoon with a holes in it.

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    Robert, I agree 100% on this. Let's see. The fork, it looks like it will bend at when picking up a bite of steak. The spoons have holes in them, which is just ridiculous. The knife looks like it would bend with just the slightest pressure.

    They definitely look cool, but just aren't feasible to use.

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    LOl, You are probably right, but I don't think they printed these to save resources. They did it likely as a form of art. Here is another image of them in use:

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