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    Another Happy Dog Thanks to 3D Printing

    Luisa the dog was born with small stumps rather than front legs, and once she made her way to Germany, Florian Rapp of the 3D printer manufacturer company Multec; Karin Bufe, a medical student; and Petra Rapp and Manuel Tosché, a married couple and experienced dog owners, set to work developing a 3D printed walking aid for Luisa. What they came up is now an open source 3D printable wheelchair to give Luisa a wider range of mobility. You can read the whole story here:

    Below is a photo of Luisa using her 3D printed wheelchair:

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    I was wondering what help you could offer a 501 dog rescue with a wheelchair? I currently have a poodle who is 5lbs & is paralyzed from spinal degeneration. He has use of his front legs. Thanks!

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