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    Controller board mount for Velleman K8200 3D printer

    Today I decided to change the way how the main controller board is mounted.
    By default is just hanging on the frame and waiting to be shorted by the aluminium profile underneath. It is not mounted securely (only one edge of the board, 2 small screws in plastic mountings).
    I have used jodbe’s design on Thingiverse ( It has really smart solution to hold all the wires – it has built in canals so the wires are not sticking out anymore and the unit becomes very flat.
    I have just modified it slightly by removing fan’s mounting points, cutting away side of the board and adding 2 mounting points for my frame clips. Depends on the location on the frame, FULL or FLAT clip may be used.

    This is my design:

    And this is the print out:

    Then I have labelled all the connectors (X-Y-Z axis, Extruder, X-Y-Z end stops, Fan, 2 heaters and 2 temperature sensors:

    In the next step I have removed the board completely and mounted it on the printed base:

    Then I have added 2 of my previously designed clips and mounted the base on the printer’s frame:

    After routing all the wires and connecting all the connectors I have ended up with this:

    To download the files - visit my profile on Thingiverse ( or use direct links below:

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