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    3D Printing Has Just Revolutionized Honey Production

    Cedar Anderson and his father Stuart Anderson of Australia are, as have been generations of their family before them, beekeepers. This particular father-son team, though, thought there might be a way to improve traditional beekeeping methodology, and about a decade ago set about redesigning their hives. They ultimately came up with the Flow Hive, which finished an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign this week, racking up over 17,000% of the original goal. The key piece of the Flow Hive system is a 3D printed honeycomb that splits to allow honey to run down the frame, allowing for unprecedentedly simple, clean, and undisturbing (to the bees) honey harvesting. Find out more about the Flow Hive in the full article:

    Below is a photo of a bee hive with Flow Hive frames within and honey being easily harvested in jars:

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    Brilliant !
    Now that is ingenious.

    Hope the buggers use some of that money for patent lawyers though - can we say: china:- worlds largest honey producer and idea rip off artists !

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