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    The Unique $20 Power Point SLA 3D Printer

    STEM education often takes different approaches to 3D printing, with some educators going very in-depth with their students. Following a National Science Teachers Association conference, Union, Missouri high school teacher Dustin Klenke was inspired by Joe Muskin's presentation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign detailing work on a micro sterolithographic 3D printer. Micro SLA 3D printing uses the same concepts in DLP-based SLA printers, though all on a smaller scale. Klenke and his class were able to create their own system using only about $20 of materials (as well as the school's projector system) and PowerPoint slides. The class project resulted in a functional small-scale, high-tech piece of equipment capable of creating impressively tiny and accurate prints. Read the full article for more details on the micro SLA 3D printer:

    Below is a look at the micro SLA 3D printing setup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian_Krassenstein View Post
    using only about $20 of materials (as well as the school's projector system)
    At first I was confused as to how the "elevator" could be so cheap, and not be connected to the computer... And then I realize it's manually operated...
    So somebody has to sit there constantly turning the screw and hitting the "next slide" button.

    Of course a teacher would come up with that!

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    It's a hand operated peachy !

    Very clever.

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    I'm curious what type of polymer is used? Cost and where to find it?

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