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    Hello! I have used 3d printers in my education but am wanting to purchase one for recreational use. After some research I have decided the most important features to me are high compatibility across the different types of printing materials, large printing area, and dual extruder. Does a printer with these specification exist?

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    I know this Thread is started in 2015, but does anyone consider update the list with new models from 2018.
    the price has dropped dramatically sense 2015, I think that one of the hottest printers in 2018 (at a low pricepoint) will be the Creality 3D Ender 3, for danish people we can get it with one day shipping from eg. (
    also the Zortrax M200 Plus in the highend printer market looking very interesting, and especially the fact that they have added a PLA fan, so that the printer will do a much better job printing either Z-PLA or 3party vendor PLA.

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    well if it's not even launched on a kickstarter then you've got at least 2 years to wait until you get anything.
    So probably best to buy something else - that, you know, you can use :-)

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