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    3D Printed Automated Cat Feeder

    Khing San Tan, of Holland, got his first 3D printer last April. With his da Vinci 1.0, San Tan found ways to design and make all sorts of new household items -- including a recent build to help make his household a little merrier. San Tan's wife was having a problem with their household cat, which was demanding attention and begging for food far too early in the morning. He looked to Thingiverse for inspiration, ultimately deciding to create an automatic cat feeder. He modified the design in SketchUp, then used 3D printed parts alongside components he'd had had around the house -- including the motor from an electric screwdriver. For more details about this clever fabrication, check out the full article:

    Below is a photo of San Tan's 3D printed automated cat feeder:

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    That's a great stuff you've done. Now, I think it would be much better for us to get ourselves an automatic feeder. It would be much more convenient for us to feed our cats this way. Not to mention, you can control the diet and amount of food intake. If your cats have diabetes or similar conditions, getting an automatic feeder will help to improve their health a lot. You check all the important factorsbefore buying it too. Cheers.

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