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    The Next Five Years of 3D Printing

    3D printing technology is rapidly changing the face of manufacturing as we know it -- and this disruptive technology is projected to continue its fast growth worldwide. Speed, opportunity for innovations, and the ability to design remotely position additive manufacturing as the most game-changing disruptive technology of our future. With 3D printing projected to be an $8.4 billion industry by 2020 (per MarketsandMarkets), gains will be driven by several key features. The disruptive nature of the technology, convenience to users, DIY and customization capabilities, biomedical applications, the Internet of Things, and speedier manufacturing technology all converge to make additive manufacturing a true force to be reckoned with in the manufacturing field, as's Heidi discusses in the full article. For details on her insights, check out the story:

    Below is a photo of Carbon3D's game-changing 3D printing CLIP process:

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    Too Conservative?

    I think that the financial estimates are too conservative. I suspect this will move along at a quicker trajectory than PC's, cell phones, and the internet. With those three already in place, 3D is poised to own the world in no time at all. I think we may look back at these estimates in 2020 and chuckle. It also seems possible to me that CLIP may put 3D printers out of business by 2020. We'll see.

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