Jason Preuss, a programmer and maker with a long-time interest in creating intricate wooden clocks, discovered 3D printing about two years ago, and has known since that start that he wanted to use this new technology to print detailed wood patterns. He recently completed an impressively ambitious undertaking, creating his own Dome scroll saw pattern clock via 3D printing, using Inkscape and OpenSCAD for design work from the original pattern. The print job took about 6 months using his MakerBot Replicator 2, with over 345 hours of print time, 6kg of filament, and 30 hours of assembly time for the 120 pieces. In the end, his clock -- 4' x 2' x 1' -- is a testament to hard work and classic timekeeping. Find out more about his work in the full article: http://3dprint.com/52952/3d-printed-dome-clock/

Below is a photo of Preuss' 3D printed dome clock: